Bicep and Tricep Routine

Coming at you with a great workout today! This workout is focused on bis and tris. I was definitely feeling the burn after all of these sets. It’s funny any arm day routine used to be my absolute worst area to workout. But now it’s honestly my favorite!

My arms have never been real strong but over the past few months I have been dedicated to building up my muscles! So here is the workout I did today. Add these to your next arm day routine and I promise you won’t be sorry about it! Might be sore but you’ll thank me later!


3×10 Horizontal cable bicep curl

4×10 Dumbbell bicep curl

4×10 Bicep curl with shoulder press

3×10 Lateral bicep curl with dumbbells

3×10 Bicep Curls with straight bar

3×10 (each arm) Single arm bicep curl

2×10 (each arm) Kneeling one arm rows


4×10 Straight bar tricep push down

3×10 Overhead tricep extension with dumbbell

2x 10 Skull crushers

3×6 Reverse grip pull downs

2×10 (each arm) Bent over tricep extension

2×10 (each arm) Single arm tricep extension

3×10 Overhead tricep extension with cable rips

4×10 Triceps press machine

4×10 Triceps extension machine

I’m adding and changing out my routines pretty often but I loved all of these today! Message me if you have any questions or any suggestions for next workouts! Thank you for checking out my workout today. I love you all ❤️❤️


Every Girl