Leg & Glutes Routine

I have decided to introduce a new segment to you all. I want to share with you all a couple daily exercises every week! On Tuesday, I shared my bicep and tricep routine. Each week I’ll change it up so you all can get different exercises! Yesterday’s exercises consisted of legs and glutes. Let me tell ya I haven’t broke out a sweat like I did yesterday in a long time!!

I researched different and new exercises to change up my usual routine. I also tried to up my weight or up my reps! This just depended on what the exercise was. I don’t know about you all, but I find myself feeling so accomplished after a hard workout.

It makes me feel powerful and like I can crush any goal that day. Yesterday, I felt a little more tired when doing my routine. I pushed through it anyway though! That’s what brings you back stronger in my opinion. I finished strong with that last rep. It felt amazing!

Here are a list of my leg and glute workouts from Wednesday! Feel free to save and add these to your next workout.

Legs & Glutes

2×10 Lunges with dumbbells

4×10 Cable pull throughs

4×10 Leg extension machine

4×10 Calf lifts

3x 10 Good mornings

3×6 Leg Press at 320 lbs

3×5 RDL at 50 lbs

4×10 Barbell squats at 50 lbs

4×10 Dumbbell squats

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Every Girl