Abs, Abs, and More Abs!

Happy hump day everyone! I can’t believe it’s already the middle of April. Honestly this month has FLOWN by!! I hope we all are starting to crush those goals we have set aside for ourselves to achieve.

I was unfortunately slammed at work right at the start of my shift last night. That by the time I was going to post about my workout yesterday, it was really late! So I saved it for you all for today. I tried a few new ab exercises along with some of my normal routine ones! On my Instagram Fitness page (@kikisfitness30), I linked videos of a few chosen workouts to feature!

Below are a list of all the ab workouts I did yesterday. I wrote down the set and reps as well for each! So write down and save these for your next ab day if you’re wanting a killer workout. Also, check out my Instagram for other features workouts! Here’s my list:


50 Crunches

3×10 Toe Touches (each leg)

15 Weighted Sit-Ups

20 Plate Hold Reverse Crunches

15 per side One Side Weighted Crunches

20 Weighted In and Outs with ball

10-15 Yoga Ball Rollouts

2×10 Plank with Leg Raises each side

2×10 Ball Crunches

10 Swiss Ball Tucks

30 Second Plank

2x 20 Second Scissors

30 Second Flutter Kicks

Hope you all enjoy this week’s feature for my workout! Stay turned this week for more great posts! If you haven’t already, subscribe to my site by entering your email! This keeps you all up to date with my latest posts. Have a fantastic day everyone ❤️


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