Top 5 Packing Tips

I made a goal this year for my new years resolution to travel to different places as much as possible! So far throughout 2019, I have done just that. I have visited Arizona, Colorado, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Ohio, and now this weekend to Nashville, TN! Traveling is such a strong passion of mine for a few reasons. One of them being just to experience a whole new area of life.

I could go on and on how traveling is such an important aspect in life that I believe everyone should experience. But the meaning behind this post is all about packing and some helpful tips for you all to have when you’re about to take a vacay! I have 5 tips on how to best pack your suitcase and how to be prepared for your upcoming vacation.

1. Pack the Most Important Items First

This is a big tip because the most important items you use daily needs to be a first priority to pack in your suitcase. These include the necessary clothes and toiletries! From your toothbrush and toothpaste all the way to your socks and underwear. You would not believe the amount of people who forget those little items because they just space it out. You want to make sure you have the necessities packed first so you then could make room for the not as important items.

Being a girl, I tend to usually WAY overpack items. I am so indecisive on what type of outfits I might be in the mood for or what shoes would go with it.

My tip for you is to pack the clothing you know you would absolutely wear and find a couple pairs of shoes that can go with multiple outfits. Especially comfortable shoes! This way you don’t have to pack more shoes and save a lot more space!

2. Wear Tennis Shoes to Your Destination

This tip has come in handy with me for so long. Either if I’m driving or flying I want to be comfortable for the upcoming travel time. Wearing comfortable tennis shoes/sneakers to wherever you are going won’t only make you comfortable but also adds space in your bag for other items! Shoes like these are usually more bulky and tend to take up a large space inside your bag. Then pack a pair of sandals or other type of shoe to the bottom of your suitcase. Leaving shoes at the bottom can allow you to pack clothes on top of them and supply more space for other items. Wearing tennis shoes wherever I have traveled as been amazing for me because not only am I comfortable but I know I won’t have to make my suitcase heavier with these type of shoes.

3. Don’t Procrastinate Packing!!

Super important one! We are all guilty of waiting to the last minute to pack even if it was only one time. Waiting to pack adds stress on to your traveling because you feel rushed to make that leaving time previously scheduled. This is why I say to plan out a couple days before on what type of clothes you want to pack. So by the time you’re ready to leave, you would have had the time to review if that is something you would truly want to wear. Also stress packing is never good because then you are just throwing whatever comes in your line of sight first without stopping to think if you have the necessities. So please, next time do yourself a favor and plan out your wardrobe so you don’t miss what you actually need!

4. The Best Way to Physically Pack

Another flaw most of us have is not preparing your suitcase in an organized way. When people just throw clothes in a bag along with everything else you bring, it just makes a huge mess. Also, not taking the time to properly fold your clothes leaves even less room in your suitcase then you had to begin with. I always fold my shirts, pants, shorts, etc into a small pile to leave enough space to bring back some goodies or just to make sure my suitcase isn’t too heavy. I know a big fear of mine when going to the airport is if I had made the weight limit on my suitcase. So preparing what I need to pack and knowing the weight of the bag before, makes the traveling process much less stressful. (Totally would recommend buying a scale to weigh your bag before leaving to make your anxiety even less. Trust me, you won’t regret it!)

5. Last but Not Least…. HAVE FUN!!

Vacation is supposed to be fun and not filled with stress. Make your life easier by having your packing planned out before so you can focus on the best part about traveling. That is planning out all the fun activities you are going to be experience!

I know this is a more random type of blog post than I usually do but I know how I can get with packing. So I hope these few tips can make your traveling that much less stressful! Even though having all the necessary items is your first important step to packing, don’t make it too much of a deal. If you’re an expert traveler and have even better tips to packing, please send them my way! I’m always looking for helpful tips on anything. So to wrap this up, let’s recap. Don’t forget the necessities, pack light if possible, and just have the time of your life on vacay!!

P.S. I could just be super crazy and be the only one who experiences this much stress over packing. So here’s hoping if any of you are like me, use these tips and your life will be less complicated. If I am that crazy, please just disregard my rant.

As always, thank you for following me along on my blogging journey and being supportive. Appreciate the love so much from you all!!


Every Girl