Welcome to my fashion tab! I have been so inspired lately with all different types of brands that I have been sharing on my Instagram page with you all. So I thought I would make a whole tab with different fashion tips and styles that I wear. I will range it from workout clothes, to favorite seasonal outfits, along with some super cute going out outfits and shoes!

I will post new items in this tab that have anything to do with fashion. I am so excited to share this new experience with you all! Please be patient with me as I am new to this 🙂 As for right now, here are some of my most recent outfits that I would love to share!

Recently, I have came across a few new stores that I have become obsessed with! My absolute favorite boutique is called Bella and Bloom Boutique. Click on their logo below to shop some of my favorite looks!

Image result for bella and bloom boutique

I don’t have a select store on where I buy my clothing. I honestly shop all around! My vibe is buying something that I find appealing, stylish, and at an affordable price! I know many other women are similar to me where they love to find the best deals for clothing. I will make sure to share the places I purchased my clothes and a direct price!

Fabletics has became my absolute favorite store for all of my fitness apparel! I love the monthly membership they offer and also all the perks and discounts you get for being a member! Below are some of pictures of their leggings, tops, and sports bras. Click on the Fabletics logo to begin checking out their clothes!