My Isagenix Family ❤

Your health is the most important aspect of your own well-being! I have struggled with weight my entire life. I have never ate the right foods and I have been overweight for a long period of time. I finally was able to find a program that changed my life! This program is called Isagenix! In this section of my blog, you will see me post about all amazing nutrition and weight loss progress from this amazing nutrition. If this is a program that interests you, reach out to me with any questions you have! Please enjoy all of this amazing material. Below is my latest transformation: March 2018 —> June 2019!

The Shakes

Just some of the amazing shake options Isagenix offers!

Isagenix offers more than just weight loss. It offers you the opportunity of a lifetime! You can earn extra income to bring home each week, amazing results with increase of energy, increase in happiness, and a brand new YOU! This program is not a diet… it’s a LIFESTYLE!

Isagenix even offers limited edition shake flavors every so often! Each time a new flavor is released, they are better than the previous one! A couple recent flavors Isagenix has released is Birthday Cake and then a fan favorite of Cookies and Cream! I have tasted both of these products and let me tell you.. they are AMAZING!

Even More Products!

Not only does Isagenix have shakes, they have protein bars (meal replacements), snacks, little chocolates, performance products, cleansing products, and even more!

The Benefits Isagenix Can Offer You

Isagenix has brought me an amazing second family!

A friendship of a lifetime: Pina and I met our first year of college. We have stayed close friends for over 5 years. Now we are even closer as we are business partners! So you get amazing results, an amazing best friend, and extra $$$.